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Feeling alive

Do you want to feel more alive? more accomplished?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to challenge yourself with some mini-wins.

Sometimes we can get ourselves into ruts. Our routines and daily habits are so ingrained we just feel like we’re going through the motions of each day and not stretching out to learn new skills.

Walkup like zombies

If that sounds like you, think about something you’ve been putting off doing or even trying for fear of failure, and then one month turns into the next and the next, and there it is - another year and you never ventured forward to learn that new skill, tried that new organization, stepped into that new adventure.

When that happens, we lose our sense of self-confidence and we tend to hold back. So how can we change that? What can we do?

Let’s think in terms of brief wins. In other words if you want to gain more self-confidence and competence in something, set up a 30 Day or 60 Day specific goal of what it could be.

With your calendar/planner in hand go to the middle of September or the middle of October, and put a stake in the ground - what would you like to be proud of accomplishing? achieving?

Write that down.

Now ask yourself what are the things you need to do between now and then to achieve that? Make it a stretch goal so you are learning something new and Stretch Yourself strengthening your neural path-ways in the brain.

Ask yourself the important Why question. Why is this goal important to me? What is preventing me from not doing this? What resources or help do I need to make this goal completed in 30-60 days?

Those who are high achievers in the world gain self-confidence and stretch even more by feeling competent and consistently learning new things, thus gaining even more competence and confidence.

Look how far you’ve come in life so far. That didn’t just happen. You made that happen. Be proud and pleased at your achievements and accomplishments. But don’t decide you are all done for life, like a baked pie coming out of the oven.

What else do you imagine and dream of?

It’s only too late if you never get started!

Year of Yes

For inspiration on gaining competence, read Shonda Rimes’ book, “Year of Yes” this month.

Ms. Rimes is the prolific writer whose career on ABC brought “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice”, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” and others to tv screens everywhere. Shonda also graduated from the same high school as I!! Marian High School, Chicago Heights, IL! I think she really paid attention in English!!

Drop me a note at and write My 30 Day Challenge or My 60 Day Challenge in the Subject Line. Tell me what you are striving and stretching into as our summer falls into …fall.

Fun, Family & Friends

Summer hasn’t ended yet. I hope you’ve been enjoying it and getting out in nature. This has been one of my most favorite summers that I can recall. We kicked it off with the 18th Annual Crummy Reunion, with 19 crummy relatives here in our town for a week.

Paddle boarding

Since then we’ve made time for sunning, swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. I even got a very dear friend of mine from LA to spend two nights with us so we could teach her how to paddle board…and she was successful!!

Also, this has been the summer to teach The Gracious Granddaughter some rudimentary aspects of beginning swimming. Kicking in the poolShe absolutely loves the water and seems to respond to the command, “Kick”. We haven’t moved on to the breast stroke, back stroke or American crawl yet. Keep in mind she just turned 10 months old this week.

But just wait until next summer!!

The days are still long. The sunsets are gorgeous and the outdoor air is calling.

Aug - Sept Calendar

What fun things can you get on the calendar before Labor Day appears?

It’s not too late…unless you don’t get started!


With Independence Day a mere memory of last week, I wanted to talk about taking back control or becoming more independent in this one life we lead.

Life Change Ahead

Stuff happens.
Things change.
People leave or come into our lives.

As the expression goes, “The only thing we can count on is change.”

So how can we feel more in charge of our lives - more independent from all the outside clatter chatter - and take back control?

First, we need to analyze if there are areas of our life where we feel out of control. This could be our finances, our health, our environments, the people we associate with, the dreams we have, and so on.

As Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, says, “E + R = O”. What that means is an Event happens; then comes our Response to that event and that equals the Outcome that occurs. Our response to the stuff that happens becomes the key to us leading more successful, productive and happy lives.

So we do need a sense of some control - but not so controlling that we are rigid and inflexible. It really has to become a bit of a balancing act; we need control but not so much that our creativity and fun get stifled.

Can you control your day?

Dr Seucss

How about part of your day?

Are there dreams and projects you’ve been meaning to do but somehow one day turns into an-other and then another, and those dreams and projects lie dormant in the corners of your mind?

What if you decided to take back control of this one life and put into action some behaviors to move those dreams and projects into fruition?

How would that feel for you?

What would that look like?

Where could you begin?

With many of my clients we begin with their calendars/planners to see where has their 168 hours in previous weeks gone. Time is the one equalizer. We all get the same amount. It’s what we do with it that separates high performers in the world from people who are just living each day like the previous one - sort of their own version of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

In this 21st century many of us seem to be living in the Age of Distraction. We let others’ agen-das dictate our days (and thus our lives) and rarely move into who we want to become.

I am not what happen to me

Isn’t it time to take back control and be an independent thinker and doer of your own life?

What ways could you take back control, starting today?

I’d love to hear from you!

Maybe one of your responses could be featured in a future Quick Productivity eTips News. Email me at and tell me how you are taking back control!!

Fun, Family & Friends

Crummy Reunion-18

Summer is in full swing!

All the Crummy Relatives have left our small beach town after descending here for 8 DAYS for the 18th Annual Crummy Reunion. This year we had 19 folks join us, hailing from Boston, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Chula Vista.

It was a fun-filled week. I’m smiling about it as I type, just thinking of the beach outings, the barbecues, the boarding (paddleboarding and surfing), the bantering back and forth and the babies.

We are already talking about dates for next year.

This event all started on a whim 18 years ago, when I suggested we invite my husband’s crummy sister from Colorado, his crummy brother from Arizona and their spouses. It just took off from there!

Summer is the time for sunning, swimming, sailing, or just smiling.

Whatever you do this summer enjoy every second of it because it can go by in a flash!!


I’m not an editor - never have been.

And yet, I find myself wearing an editor’s hat quite frequently.

Hello Summer

Recently, I started writing another book and as much as I am working to not edit my writing as I do my first draft, I catch myself ignoring my advice, and editing a word or a sentence along the way.

That got me thinking about editing on a wider scale.

When working with clients, virtually or in person, I’m really getting them to focus on developing their editing skills, though I haven’t called it that up until today.

Gardeners are so very good at that - weeding out what’s not working, what’s crowding out the crown jewels of the gardens, so they can see the spectacular. Our lives, offices and homes should be treated like gardens.

Summer lies right before us, like a newly mowed grand lawn of possibilities. In the past many of us have made mental lists (or written ones) of all sorts of summer projects for the 90 plus days ahead. Some of us have gotten into boasting contests with friends and family as to who has the longest To Do List.

But…the longer list thing rarely works.

Green Grass

May I suggest let’s make THIS summer different?

Go ahead - make your Summer Projects List or Places to Visit List or Parties to Have or People to Meet. But then, step back, pause, and get out the big pen, the delete button, or the white-out.

And evaluate and


What’s reasonable to actually accomplish this summer?

With calendar at the ready, with stillness and time to think through all your priorities and possibilities, what would be BIG WINS for you this summer?

Think 2-3 items, not 20-30. We need to stop setting ourselves up for failure with the longest TO DO Lists. It’s not “He or she with the longest list wins.”

To Do Lists

It’s really quite the opposite.

So, what could your EDITED Summer List look like?

Drop me a note at and let me know the 2-3 items you will achieve this summer. Feel free to tell me the 50 other things on your list if you like, but let’s focus on the First Place Edited Winners!

I’ll go first.


Crummy Reunion
  • 1. Host the 18th Annual Crummy Reunion (for all my husband’s Crummy relatives) and make this year our best Crummy Reunion yet! Gotta do something with such a Crummy last name!
  • 2. Finish the book I’ve been writing and get it published.
  • 3. De-clutter and organize all printed photos in my home. (Yes, even organizers end up with clutter!)

That’s it!

Those are my Top Three for this summer, edited from a longer list!

What are yours?
Tell me -

Fun, Family & Friends

Life can’t be all drudgery and work. What’s that expression?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

We have to find balance in our days and weeks. Sometimes we have to look for the fun and sometimes it just appears, unexpected. It really is like a juggling act, isn't it?

Juggling our responsibilities and daily duties with some moments of merriment.

No one should stay indoors all summer and say, “Well, I’m working on my To Do List. I guess I can’t leave and do something fun.” But just as all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, all play and no work often doesn't move our life forward in the direction of our dreams, whatever those may be.

With my husband’s crummy name of Crum, 18 years ago I decided to host a Crummy Reunion for his brother’s family and his sister’s family. I figured they might like to come to San Diego for a week in the summer - who wouldn’t?

At the time I never dreamed this tradition would take hold with his relatives coming from as far away as Boston and Brooklyn and as close as two blocks from us, where The Darling Daughter, The Super Son-in-law and The (new) Gracious Granddaughter now live.

I send out flyers (this year about 12 different ones) to all of the Crummy relatives starting about March or April so no one can say they didn’t know the dates of the reunion.

Here’s a pic of the first flyer I sent this spring:

Haven's First Reunion

Ready or not - Here Comes Summer! ENJOY!

FOCUS: The Power of MORE SPRING FLING (Part 2)

I know what you’re saying…

Gee whiz, she wrote about the Spring Fling in April.

Here’s the thing -

Even professional organizers have stuff, and yes - do I dare say it…


For those of you who have heard me speak and have a Quote Card of mine, you know that one of my favorite quotes is

“The Best Date Night of the Week is the Night Before the Trash Man Cometh!”

When is your Best Date Night? (Fill in the blank)___________________

Mine is Sunday.

So last Sunday was my day to see how many “gifts” I could get for my Marvelous Monday Man of Trash! (And recycling)

I knew exactly where I wanted to focus my energies - the garage!

Normally, my car fits nicely in the garage but ever since The Darling Daughter and The Super Son-in-law moved back to town from the city there has been a “clutter creep” going on in there.

It started innocently enough with their move last October, but it quickly moved out of control.

Can anyone relate here?

Their remodel wasn’t finished in time for their October move-in date, so our garage was one of the stopping points for the movers. Then The Gracious Granddaughter made her appearance into the world early October instead of end of October!

Between baby gifts being sent here to garage sale items from their downtown abode to an ever-present addition and subtraction of various and sundry items they “weren’t quite sure about” I had to relinquish all control of the space.

Now - since Spring has Sprung their year-long remodel project is, dare I say it, almost finished!! This past weekend the hard-working, Super Son-in-law removed the last of the items that came out of their garage and got added to our garage while their built-in shelving was being installed.

And that was my opening!

I worked all afternoon and…

I loved it!!

Clearing space.

Creating breathing room.

Garage After

Finding things I had not seen in awhile.

And getting gifts for the Terrific Trash Man!

My large recycling bin for Monday pickup got filled in short order.

My car got filled with items to donate for Goodwill drop-off.

My heart got filled with happiness!!

I’m almost there - I can actually visualize my car in the garage well before Mother’s Day!!

There’s just three small boxes/bins left for them to remove.

That will be the best Mother’s Day gift I can give myself!

Sometimes we have to plan on our OWN gifts to keep joy and happiness streaming into our lives!!

Fun, Family & Friends

I hope you are having a Spring Fling! It doesn’t have to be a garage - it can be any kind of clearing that makes your heart sing!

  • more white space in your calendar
  • less commitments of groups or organizations that no longer serve you
  • more spending time doing what you love
  • less time looking for things you know you have but can’t find!

Put some FUN on the calendar this May and look for the Joy in the everyday!

This Friday, May 5, The Darling Daughter will be receiving her master’s degree from Point Loma University. She has worked really hard for this achievement and debated about whether or not to walk in the ceremony Friday.

We talked about rites of passage and accomplishments and standing in her own power. After she contemplated all of that she decided that yes, she wanted to participate.

Graduation Gift

It will be a great day!

We are all proud of her perseverance and tenacity to see this big project through to its completion. All of us in the family have learned so much from her these past five years.

It’s so important to CELEBRATE our wins, whether they be big ones or small. When we keep filling our tanks with positivity, we are making room for more positivity to get in.

Below is a picture from long ago with another graduate getting her master’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles.

The youngest one in this photo is the one graduating on May 5!

How Time Flies By!

Graduation Day


A BIG Shout-out to those of you who attended my Standing-room only Author Night at the Del Mar Library on the night of 4.26!! Thank you so much for the efforts you made to be there. Every seat was taken, even the window seats around the room! And that library doesn’t even have a parking lot, so I know you had to put forth effort about where to stuff the car!

Such a fun night!

Much appreciated!


11% discount off of my 20 Hour or 32 Hour Virtual or Hands-on Organizing Package. Invest with a deposit by 5.31.17 and begin using when you are ready!

Simply drop me an email at and put in the subject line: "Yes, I want the 11% Discount".

* Why 11%? Many years ago I became a mother on the 11th of the month. Several months ago The Darling Daughter became a mother on the 11th of a different month.

FOCUS: The Power of the SPRING FLING!

I love spring…and then I don’t. Spring Fling

I love it because it always creates an opportunity for the new, the shedding of the old, and the imagining the impossible!

I don’t love it because it signals it’s a long way until next winter! For those of you who have been following me for awhile you know I left the blizzards of Chicago many years ago, only to become a black diamond downhill skier with a season pass, here out west!

Go figure!

But back to spring. It IS a time of rebirth, redo, and reinvent. Whether it’s our home envirornment, our work place, our calendar or our mind, spring connotes a fresh start - a new beginning. It gives us a sign of hope and new possibility.

So what could you Spring Fling for the next four weeks?

Is it time to throw open the curtains, pull back the heavy bed coverings, and take off your rose-colored glasses and really, really look at your environments?

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, your 2016 tax returns have all been filed and you can put aside that paper project and begin to look forward to the spectacular summer, just months ahead.

When I work with clients, I help them to see their spaces through the eyes of a stranger.

William Morris quote

Ask yourself, how long has it been since you:

  • put fresh new towels in your bathroom?
  • evaluated the number of products inside your shower?
  • cleared your kitchen countertops and only put back the items you use on a regular basis?
  • seriously viewed your calendar obligations and created some open, breathing space?
  • decided to let IT go, whatever the IT is for you, and let someone else use items you are not using and/or don’t absolutely LOVE by donating them to your favorite charity?

Let springtime be the time you reflect on these questions.

If you do your SPRING FLING now, you will be ready for summer in no time, enjoying the simpler speed of summer with carefreeness, calm, and contentment!

Deepak Chopra quote

Fun, Family & Friends


A BIG Thank You to those of you who took advantage of my BIG March discount in Organizing Packages and those of you who participated in the Virtual Vision Board Event! A BIG Hats Off to both groups for taking action!

So what actions do you want for yourself this spring and summer?

Taking a trip?

Having company at your home?

Getting more organized?

Clearing clutter from those hot spots?

Creating an oasis at your home?

Getting a more functional, work space?

Having more time to get out and enjoy the sunshine of spring and summer?

Get started NOW on those dreams, schemes and plans because the days are getting longer and the sunshine is beckoning you to get out and enjoy it!



Upcoming Event at Del Mar Library

Need a Shot in the Arm to move into your Spring Fling????

Come to AUTHOR NIGHT where I am the featured speaker

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*Pass this along to a friend if you’ve already heard this presentation, or bring your friend along and together get inspired for your SPRING FLING!

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FOCUS: The Power of MARCHing Toward Your Dreams

Marching band

Last month I wrote about having conviction, commitment and continuous effort as the New Year was upon us. Many of you wrote to share your actions that you plan to take in 2017 to make it your best year yet! A BIG thank you to those who stepped forward!

Hats off to those of you who participated in our Vision Board Workshop on February 25. What fun we had - planning, prioritizing and putting together vision boards for 2017!

Helen Keller said it best, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Here is a pic from that fun experience!

Showing off Results of Vision Board Workshop

For those of you who missed the Vision Board Workshop on 2.25 or live outside of San Diego, I am doing a Virtual Vision Board Workshop on Sunday, April 2 that you can attend from the comfort of your home!

Here’s the info:

  • WHAT: Create Your Own Vision Board 2017
  • WHERE: In the comfort of your home!
  • WHEN: Sunday, April 2
  • TIME: 3-5 p.m. Pacific Time (adjust for your time zone)
  • HOW: From your computer/phone (better from computer as you can see me giving easy instructions on how to do this and the psychology behind it.
  • REGISTER: Click Here to Register
    • $17 by March 27 Early Bird*Extended
    • $27 after March 27
    • *Early Bird Registrants receive free video “I Have a Vision Board, Now What?”

Dreams are wonderful things. They give us a release, an escape from our current situations or environments. Sometimes they happen while we sleep, but often those are the ones we forget within the first few minutes of a new day.

Other dreams that rummage around in our heads are the “maybes”, the “possibilities”, and the “promises” of something different for us. They sit up there in our heads chatting away from time to time, but unless we take action on them, that’s as far as they get.

We are still (barely) in the first quarter of 2017. It’s not too late to take those dreams and do something more with them this year. Sometimes I hear folks say, “Well, I forgot to make New Year’s Resolutions and now it’s almost___________(fill in any month here). I guess it’s too late to start since now it’s almost April.”

That’s hogwash.

It’s only too late if we never get started!

So come join me at your computer or phone on April 2 as I show you how to move your dreams from your head to your heart and MARCH them forward this year!

What Are You Waiting For?

Fun, Family & Friends

It’s been a very busy fall and winter around our house. The Darling Daughter and the Super Son-in-law brought into the world the most beautiful, Gracious Granddaughter this past October. We are over the moon with this little gift from Heaven. Our hearts are bursting with each new skill she has acquired.

Counting toes

She really teaches me the gift of persistence. This little one never gives up when she is working on a new skill or talent. Recently, she has found her feet, especially her toes. Of course, early on she couldn’t reach them at all, but without giving up, she has persisted and pushed herself to learn new habits and skills…

without ever quitting!

This got me thinking we can all learn so much by watching babies working at acquiring new skills. Usually, they are not successful the first time they attempt something new but they don’t give up. They don’t say “Well, I guess this crawling thing or walking thing is not for me - it’s just way too hard.” They continue to MARCH forward, stumbling as they go, but not giving up.

As adults we can learn so much watching babies and toddlers work at mastering new skills. They are persistent and consistent in their efforts, always moving toward mastery. Often, we on the other hand, let our limiting beliefs prevent us from stepping forward and stepping into a bit of the unknown.

They say that babies are only born with two fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. I have witnessed this first hand with my Gracious Granddaughter. All other fears are ones we have acquired along life’s path.

So as March marches on into April, something to ponder is are you living the life you imagined and deserve or do you dream of something different, something better, something more you?

So I say…MARCH toward your dreams!

If not NOW, When?



17% OFF - Any one of my Organizing Packages!!!!

from now until March 31!

Simply Email me - and put in the Subject Line: Yes, I want to get One of your Organizing Packages for 17% off this month!

I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll get you out of March Madness and on to MARCHING toward Your Dreams!!

Luck of the rainbow

FOCUS: The Power of ACTION

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
-Mark Twain

Big congratulations to those of you who participated in the ONE WORD Challenge last month!!

action gear

I am so proud of you for many reasons:

  • for stepping forward
  • for taking the time to read my January blog post
  • for thinking through what could be your best One Word for 2017,

but most importantly . . .

for taking action!!

Rather than New Year’s Resolutions which become buried under the guacamole and chips by Super Bowl Sunday, the One Word Challenge has the potential to have a lot more meat on its bones.

New Year’s Resolutions tend to be so general and made “off the cuff” that they rarely have a chance to survive, let alone get “resolved”.

Each New Year always offers us an opportunity for new growth, new change and new begin-nings. For many of us one year rolls into the next and with a blink of an eye it seems that years have just disappeared like rolling waves.

You may be skeptical about how One Word can change or improve your year. You may have chosen not to even enter the contest in January. That’s fine and certainly your prerogative. What the One Word does is give you a focus, a direction for 2017.

So let’s build on that. Many people begin the New Year doing either New Year’s Resolutions or Vision Boards or both. I’m here to tell you none of that, including having a One Word, will work to bring about improvement or change.!

What WILL make a difference is Taking ACTION!

What holds us back sometimes is Fear…fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing all the right steps, and even fear of success. What fear really stands for is:

  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real

Our mind plays tricks on us and freezes our ability to move forward.

So…what ACTIONS will you take this year? Start a business? Write a book? Clear your clutter? Meet your soulmate? Move to a home just the right-size for you? Become a parent? a grandparent? Make amends with a loved one? Pay back taxes? Or ______________?

We don’t have to have the whole roadmap in front of us. When we start on any journey, we don’t have to know every turn on the highway. As we progress, we get feedback telling us whether or not we are on the right road.

Action steps are just like that. In order to get feedback we have to step forward.

So step into 2017 with conviction, commitment and continuous effort!

What ACTIONS will you take this year to create your best life yet?
Drop me a line at and put in the Subject Line: My ACTIONS for 2017.
Then tell me what actions you are taking this year.

Make THIS year the year you turn intention. into ACTION!

Speaking of ACTION, here are the Two WINNERS of my ONE WORD Challenge from last month. All the words entered into the contest were put in a hat and these two were the Lucky Winners!

Andrea and Christie

HOW did they win? They took Action and entered the One Word Challenge Contest by submitting their One Word for 2017 after going through the three easy steps in the January blog!

WHAT did they win? Each of them has won a complimentary ticket to my NEW Clear Your Clutter Now Home Study Course!!

Starting in March they will:

  • begin taking back control of the one life they have,
  • start feeling empowered to accomplish all that they are dreaming about for 2017,
  • develop a sense of calm, purpose and productivity for each day,
  • anticipate ahead of time and avoid that “rush, rush, panic” state you often get into, and
  • clear not only physical clutter but the mental clutter of your mind.


THEIR COST: NOTHING! They are the winners!

What were their words for 2017, you ask?

After going through the steps I outlined in the January Blog Post, Andrea’s Word that bubbled to the top for her is CHANGE. Christie did the same exercise and her word is FOCUS.

BIG thanks to all of you who submitted your words for 2017! Here are just some of the words you picked:


There were many other words submitted as well. A big thanks to those who entered. It’s not too late for you to pick your ONE WORD for 2017! Go for it and let me know what bubbled up for you by dropping me an email at

Don’t Wait Another Year
Dreaming About Being More Successful and Clutter-Free!


Visualize yourself in less than a year.

It’s September, 2017. Six months from now.

You are onto a completely new chapter in your life.

The passions you’ve put to the side for way too long are now completely aligned with your personal and professional life. Everything you’re doing, down to the last detail, is bringing you closer to the life you dreamed of having.

How does this vision sound for you?

Don’t wait for one year to roll into the next.

My NEW Clear Your Clutter Now Home Study Program may be just the answer for you to create the life you’ve imagined and deserve!

Look for my email later this month explaining how YOU can be a part of this BRAND NEW PROGRAM.

Sue Crum


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Always a Fun Presentation to Get Your Year Headed in the Right Direction!

Don’t worry. I will be offering this same presentation online in a few weeks and you can participate then.

I LOVE speaking to groups!
If you or your organization, association or business would like a motivational speaker, please contact me at and let me know how I might help.


Did you make New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you thinking of writing some this week?

My advice to you is “Don’t”.

Click here to read my reasons why.

“Don’t?” you ask.

Yes, don’t.

According to Gordon, Britton & Page, as well as many other researchers, each time a New Year rolls around 87 percent of adults, (that’s 206 million people!) make new goals and resolutions, only to become frustrated with failure and false starts.

Of those who make the resolutions, 50 percent of them will fail before Super Bowl Sunday! A month into the New Year and those resolutions are long gone.

This year, forget resolutions and “to-do” goals.

Strive instead for “to-be” goals!

We don’t need more self-discipline or more self-control.

We don’t need more willpower or more purpose.

What Gordon, Britton & Page suggest is that the most important part of life change is a change of the heart, not a change in your head.

For 2017, I encourage each of you to pick a word (a one-word theme for the year). At our Christmas dinner for the past three years, those around our table have selected a word for the New Year, using the framework from Gordon, Britton & Page’s book, One Word.

One Word Book

Here are some of the examples selected by my family in recent years, plus their words for 2017: strength, giving, balance, mindfulness, relax, strive, time, present, enjoy and experience.

According to the authors here are the steps to selecting your Word of the New Year:

  • 1. Get away from all the noise around you and unplug.
  • 2. Ask yourself: What do I need? (wait for a response or write it down); What’s in my way? (wait) and What needs to go? (wait for a response).
  • 3. Once your word becomes present, learn to live with that word for 2017, by telling others, by writing it on a rock or making it your screen saver; think how you can live your word on a consistent, daily basis.

My 2017 Word is PRESENT.

Live for the present

Not the gift definition, but rather the verb - being in the present. The years seem to run right by us these days, so I want to slow down my own sense of time, relishing in the moment, the minu-tiae and even sometimes the mayhem.

The word that had first bubbled up for me was BALANCE. Keeping life and daily challenges and accomplishments in balance seemed like a perfect word for me. However, at our holiday table another family member said that was going to be her word for 2017. While the world would not have ended if we had the same word, I decided to sit quietly and wait awhile and later that evening Present presented itself!


Are you ready for a CHALLENGE?

For those of you who like a contest, here’s how it works:

  • 1. Do the above THREE STEPS.
  • 2. When you have found your word for 2017, send me an email and put in the Subject Line:
    Here is my Word for 2017
  • 3. In the email tell me your word and why you think this word bubbled up for you.
  • 4. Send me your WORD on or before Midnight of Super Bowl Sunday - 2.5.17.
  • 5. Anyone who submits their Word by the deadline above will have their name entered into a drawing for a FREE TICKET to my Group Clutter Clearing and Productivity Coaching Program, that starts in February. You never need to leave your house; calls and coaching will be recorded for you.
  • drawing for a FREE TICKET to my Group Clutter Clearing and Productivity Coaching Program, that starts in February. You never need to leave your house; calls and coaching will be recorded for you.
  • 6. There will be TWO Lucky Winners chosen!! This coaching program will get your year off to the right start and YOU heading in the direction of your dreams! Consistency is the Key and I will give you the KEY to greater success and more happiness!
  • 7. NOTE: If you don’t enter the contest, I can guarantee that you will not win!!
  • 8. Send your WORD and why that word is important for you to on or before Midnight - Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, 2017.

“Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” - Jim Rohn

Sue Crum


De-Clutter Your Life

Monday, 2.13.17
1-3 p.m.
OASIS - San Diego
Macy’s 3rd Floor
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De-Clutter Your Mind

Wednesday, 2.15.17
12:30-2 p.m.
Poway Adult School
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De-Clutter Your Life

Thursday, 2.23.17
Private Organization
Pasadena Area

If you or your organization, association or business would like a motivational speaker, please contact me at and let me know how I might help.



It’s December already!

Time to Plan

Where did 2016 go?

It sure flew by for me - maybe for you as well.

It’s early December - time to remember to plan.

Quiet moments of planning can reduce stress, keep you calm, and help you stay in the moment.

I like to look at planning as Backward Mapping. Whether you want to plan holiday gift giving or entertaining, or a Plan for successful living in 2017 (Yikes, almost 2017!), or maybe you want to develop a 3 year Vision 2020 Plan, now is the perfect time to put those dreams and ideas down in front of you.

Rather than having those thoughts rummage around in your head, turn to a blank sheet of paper in a notebook (no loose sheets of paper) or get a blank page on your computer and do a bit of dreaming.

Planning is the perfect antidote to stress. Without it we get into impulse buying, panic spending, or total inertia (I can’t do _______because I don’t have enough time.)

This week make a date with yourself for at least 60 minutes. With 168 hours in a week, surely you are worth giving yourself ONE of those hours. Get somewhere quiet - depending on your weather this time of year, outside in nature is always a great place for forward thinking.

Picture the end in mind, as Stephen Covey always used to talk about. If your business or personal life is going well, what does that look like to you? That’s your end point.

Backward map from there.

For the really big planners out there, get a view from 30,000 feet - say Three Years out - and ask yourself, “What’s my Vision for 2020?”

Maybe for you, you cannot possibly think like that because of chaos and conundrums facing you daily. So don’t stress yourself by thinking that far into the future. See if you can come up with a plan for the day.

The night before, ask yourself one simple question, “If I want to count tomorrow as a success for me, the One Thing I need to do for the day is_________________________.”

Too much gift giving and entertaining ahead for you this month? Ask yourself, “What can I eliminate here so that I can stay healthy through the season and enjoy it myself?”

That one question can provide you with the gift of sanity and that, my friends, is the ultimate gift to yourself.

Plan it and make it happen.

Wishing each of you a wonderful holiday season and the very best to you in the New Year!

What plans can you “backward map” to create your biggest successes this month or into the New Year? Drop me a line at and your Plan of Action may get shared in a future blog post!! I love hearing from you!

“Failure to plan is a plan to fail!.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Live Locally and Need a Shot in the Arm Before the New Year?

My last public presentation of 2016 is:

Monday, December 19, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Carmel Valley Library
"De-clutter Your Life - How and Where to Set Started"
If not now - When?

Sue Crum

The Art of the Start - When Stumped with Where to Begin, Here’s a Great Place!

Often my clients are stuck on where to start to declutter their life and get on with the life they imagine and deserve. Recently, one of my clients was feeling absolutely overwhelmed with so much getting in the way and blocking her success and dreams.

Whether it’s virtually or in person, once I see the environment that has put my client into so much stress, I can easily pick a starting place. However, I have to say when I arrived and saw what the problems were, even I was perplexed for a few minutes about a starting point.

There were so many places we could choose!

We both took a few deep breaths and I made a decision -

A decision to start with the refrigerator! I know it may sound counterintuitive to you that with so much “visual noise” surrounding her environment that I would pick something hidden and “behind the scenes.”

But it worked!

Organized Refrigerator

By starting small in this one contained area this mini-project had boundaries (the refrigerated items were all together and not all over the house), the decisions came quickly and efficiently (expired, moldy food had to go), and categories were so simple to discern (fruits from dairy, from vegetables, etc).

Done in less than 30 minutes this client was beaming and feeling like she was starting to take back control…and ready to tackle another mini-project!

And that’s really key -

taking back control of the one life we have —one step at a time —one day at a time!


Sue Crum