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Four Tip Friday: Your Quick ETips Blog

Welcome to Friday!

1. TIP About MAY: MAY Your Home Be As Beautiful As The Life You Are Living.


Welcome to Spring - put some spring into your step and see what items can you clear up, relocate or release to the universe, making the keepers in your home shine brightly. This one activity has the potential to put a big smile on your face, making you and your home feel more joyful and beautiful at the same time!

2. Tip About Revising Your Work Schedule Month: Want to sit less and get more accomplished? May is Revise Your Work Schedule Month. This spring is the perfect time to revisit how you work - whether inside your home or outside of the home, everyone is working these days in some way. You may be working to get to those projects you’ve dreamed about for years. You may be working to organize papers after tax season. You may be working to clear space for upcoming relatives arriving this summer.

You may be working to get that book written that you started. You may be working to get in better shape before summer.

Some of you may be working to, well, be happier at work. To find a job or career that fills your soul and spirit. Others may be working to find more energy or be more productive (like getting to the meatier projects, not just being busy).

This month is a great time to look at how you plan and execute your days. Ask yourself, “What fuel do you need to get the most out of each day? What can you do the night before to be more ready for the new day? What can you do during the day when you see your energy fading?”

Write out a scene for your Ideal Day. Take a look at it and see how you can tweak your yesterdays into better tomorrows.

3. TIP About Mother’s Day Weekend: Ask yourself, “What would make Mom’s Day?” It’s probably not more stuff, more things, more trinkets. It’s probably more time with loved ones, making more memories and more smiles and laughter. If you’re the mom, let others know what you’d really like - remember, no one is a mind reader.

Not a mom? How can you treat yourself with just a little more compassion and kindness for that weekend? Do something with good friends. Start a new book you’ve been meaning to read. Get out in nature and just observe and breathe. Enjoy!

4. TIP About Boosting Your Energy Level: - For many of us we think we can boost energy with a daily nap. But when that time comes, if at all, we may sleep too long, are groggy afterwards and kind of end up blowing off the rest of the day, a bit mad at ourselves. We didn’t accomplish what we wanted and now may have trouble going to sleep that night.

Do this instead: Drink a large glass of water; go for a mini-walk (around your home, your office, the block); stand up and do some arm circles with arms extended; while standing, take 10 deep breaths where you can actually hear your breathing. Do a couple of jumping jacks, if you can. Then, see how you feel overall and if you feel a great new boost of energy for the rest of the day!

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