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Four Tip Friday: Your Quick ETips Blog

Welcome to Friday!

1. TIP From Monday’s Presentation - Big thanks to those of you who were able to attend my presentation on “De-Clutter Your Life”. Extra chairs had to be added as we had an audience of 40 people. They are now ready for their Spring Fling.

Sue presenting

If you’re finding the Stuff of Life getting in the way of all the dreams, goals and projects you want to accomplish this year, schedule some de-cluttering time on your calendar now and protect that appointment with yourself so you create more breathing space in your life.

Not sure where to start? Begin with your bedroom, if you’re unsure. Make it a sanctuary from the rest of your home. Remove items that are not helping you have a respite and retreat from the outside world. See how many of the following that you can remove from your bedroom: elec-tronics, laundry baskets and items that belong elsewhere.

2. TIP From WGN Radio Interview: Big thanks to Dan Sugrue and Nick Digillio of WGN Radio Chicago for interviewing me this past week. I compared de-cluttering to being like a gardener. Great gardeners know the importance of continual weeding to make their gardens bring peace and beauty to their lives. When we de-clutter we are really weeding the things out of our lives that are clogging our productivity and ability to focus. Can you Spring into Action and do some weeding in your life right now? Drop me a line at and let me know what you’re able to de-clutter and weed out of your life and how that made you feel.

Side Note: WGN Radio is currently located in the Chicago Tribune Tower, which is the same building where my father worked for years so it made the interview extra special for me!

Click here if you’d like to listen to the complete radio interview.

3. TIP About Perseverance: I’ve written about perseverance lately as I really believe high performing people are really no different than you or I, but they do have established habits of behavior that they do on a consistent basis, not just every once in a while. Persevering is one of those. What have you been persevering this month? Stay the course. Remember, just about no one has been an “overnight success!”

4. TIP About Paper: Hopefully, as you are reading this, your tax report has been sent in and you can put that project behind you, take a deep breath and form a smile across your face. Coaching clients often ask me about which papers to save and for how long. Many have saved everything for fear of discarding the wrong paper. I always suggest checking in with your tax preparer about your special circumstances.

Generally speaking, back-up paper (documentation that was used to arrive at the numbers on your tax form) need to be kept for six years plus one. That’s the normal amount of time the gov-ernment can go back and request an audit of your returns. If you own a business, that time frame is longer, so check with your tax return specialist. Put 2017 Tax Back-up Material in a file drawer or box and be done with it!

Congratulate yourself and Spring into Action on more fun projects now!

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